Towering Oaks

3150871_f520It is 6:30 am; I’m stretched out on a bench along the Harpeth Greenway listening to a symphony of song birds. I’m looking up at patches of deep blue sky filtering through the towering oaks. Below I can hear the sound of the river. Apparently there is nobody else around. Until this particular moment of solitude, I don’t recall previously thinking about trees as in the context of “trees for trees sake”. But as I look up through the soaring green canopy, in this moment of time, perhaps I’m  seeing them for what they really are —- majestic living creations of an almighty God – testaments of his power, love and provision for mankind.

Peering upward it just occurred to me that these trees will keep on reaching up to the sun despite the Ebola, the economy, or what happens next.  That is a humbling thought! They were here long before I was born and most likely they will be here long after I’m gone. I’ve never exactly thought of trees in that context before. For some reason I don’t feel quiet as important as I did riding over here.

Something to think about.

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