037At the Y, on the check-in desk, there is a small plastic bucket containing what they call “Spiritual Vitamins”. In reality, they are small multi-color slips of paper with assorted Bible verses printed on them. As folks come and go  some will grab a “vitamin”. It is amazing how they can speak to me. This morning mine read, “Let your conduct be worthy of the Gospel of Christ” (Philippians 1:27).  As I was working out, I began to think of the implications for the world if everybody heeded that simple ten word command.

Instantly, most of our problems would be solved. There would be no war, hate, lies, envy, lust, pride, hidden agendas, broken relationships, crime, greed, abuse, betrayal, or selfishness. In short there would be no sin. We would have no need for locks,  cops, guard dogs, prisons, lethal injections, NSA, CIA or the FBI. Sadly, on a global scale, thousands of years of recorded history demonstrate that, more often than not, folks have failed miserably to adhere to that particular Biblical vitamin.

As I moved to the bench press, I shifted the context of my thinking from global to personal. While adjusting the weights, I realized that I am one of those aforementioned folks with an “F”.  Most of the time I do pretty well, but the ten words on the “vitamin” are not about most of the time, nor are they about “global”. They are personal. They are about me and how I choose to spend my time.  Each of my days is my choice. Will I obey God or not?

Something to think about

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