imagesI seldom like change at first.  Seems like my defenses always go up when I sense that change is coming.  Then nine times out of ten, after the change, I see and feel the benefits.  Like  a few years ago I finally got enough of being jerked around by my cable provider and switched.   I  had held on to it way too long simply because, as bad as it was, I knew how to use it. My bad.

Many of us spend great quantities of time thinking about making tweaks in our lives that require change of more or less degrees. We can talk a good game, but we also know that most change is going to involve pain for us and often for others.  It is miles and miles from talk to action. Sadly, many of us don’t make it that far. Quite often, when we began the journey of change, we may have to pull some scabs off.  When you mess with a scab, you bleed a little and sometimes stuff oozes out, but a while down the road you feel much better.

It is interesting that the older I get the more introspective I have become.  I seem to be noticing areas of life that I need to do differently. Most often they are simple tweaks like rearranging my office; sometimes they have been major shifts in how I do life. In the last several years, my changes, both major and minor have served me well.  I expect that maybe you have some areas of your life that need some change too. Maybe it is the area of anger, resentment, pride or envy.  Perhaps for you, it has to do with remorse or shame or maybe guilt or fear that someone will find out and won’t love you anymore.  It could be anything, but I expect we all could do with a few changes.

Perhaps you need to do what many of us have had the courage to do.  Say, “God I’ve had enough, I’m powerless over me”. I found that God isn’t powerless over me or any problem in my life. If we are willing to allow God to work his changes in our lives, then a while down the road, there will come a morning when you look into the mirror, you will see the man/woman you always wanted to be. Only through change does that miracle take place.

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