Hold the Egg

eggs2Standing in line at McDonald’s I overheard the woman in front of me ask the counter person if she could get an Egg McMuffin without the egg. “No problem” was the reply. I had to laugh. An Egg McMuffin® without the egg is no longer an Egg McMuffin. It becomes something else; something that it was not meant to be.  Without the egg it is just a ham and cheese sandwich.  As the name implies, the egg is the key ingredient.  As I thought about the eggless McMuffin it occurred to me that an Egg McMuffin without the egg can be a metaphor of a life without forgiveness.

I deal with people all the time who claim to be Christians but for one reason or the other they refuse to give forgiveness any space in their lives. Folks who choose to do that are left with shriveled up lives of bitterness, resentment and more often than not, hate.

By Divine design forgiveness is a necessary ingredient in God’s recipe for life.  When Peter tried to do an end run around forgiveness, Jesus threw a flag (Matthew 18:22). Accordingly when we choose not to forgive, life becomes something it was never meant to be. Quite often it becomes hell. Contrary to culture’s drumbeat, Scripture tells us that we are to live forgiving lives, that we should not hold grudges and that we are to even do good to folks who do us badly. Jesus did not design Christianity cafeteria style.

As a rule I think those sayings you see on church signs are usually pretty lame; however, I saw one last week while riding my bicycle that said. “Be nice to your enemies; it blows their minds”.  Perhaps that is what Jesus had in mind when he told Peter to forgive every offense.

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