download (1)A while ago, a guy rolled through a stop sign almost hitting me. He obviously knew it was there because he did slow down. When I blew my horn, he flipped me off. There is a lesson here. The thing about stop signs is, they are all saying the same thing — “stop”!  What is interesting about them is that we usually rationalize before we run them.  As we near the intersection, our brains instantly calculate the necessity of stopping along with the likelihood of getting caught and then we either stop or we do not. If we choose not to stop, then we cruise past the sign into the realm of “it is OK for ME to do this because that sign is for the rest of humanity, but certainly not ME”.  That is exactly the same process that I use when I choose to commit a sin and, like it or not, you do the same thing. When I choose to barrel thought a stop sign, it is because I really don’t give a flip about the meaning of “Stop” because I’m John Gouldener.

Every one of God’s stop signs that I’ve rolled through has been because, at the time at least, I didn’t give a flip about what God said. In essence, I give him the same hand signal, the guy gave me. I find that to be a sobering thought.

Something to think about


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