Very few things really surprise me any more, but last week I got a quantum shocker.  I was at the Bellevue Y, alone in the steam room, when another guy came in.  I never looked up and neither of us said a word. I seldom talk in there because for me it’s a great place to reflect and unwind. This day I was reflecting on the blessings in my life when out of the vaporous tranquility of the hissing steam a cell phone rang. I am not kidding; the guy had a phone in his trunks — in the steam bath! I felt violated.

I saw in the USA Today that people talking on a cell in public is the number one pet peeve in our country. I’m not all too sure what that says about our country if that is number one; but from my perspective bringing a cell phone into a steam bath is a little much. So what is the take away from this steamy story? I think it is this: We are both blessed and cursed to live in an age of constant communication.  I went to our farm house, which my insurance agent referred to as a double wide, for a few days back in the winter.  My job duties didn’t skip a beat. I had my cell and my laptop.  I was in the boondocks, but not out of touch for even a minute. I communicated with several people and nobody had a clue that I wasn’t in my church office unless I told them. That is the way it is in the wireless age.  We never have to be out of touch, unless we choose to be.  The rub is more and more, we seem to not to be making that choice.  How long has it been since you just sat there undisturbed to reflect on life, or God or your kids or your spouse or you?  How long has it been?  Have you ever?

I’d be surprised if God intended us to live in a state of constant connectedness.  He didn’t plan for us to live life with a smart phone in our hand. In fact, He gave us the example of the most important person in history. There are plenty of instances in the Bible where Jesus got away from it all to spend time alone, to reflect or to pray or to just gather himself.  I’m pretty sure he would have never taken a cell phone into a steam bath.

Something to Think About

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