Saturday we were riding our bicycles on a picture perfect morning through the rural countryside of Williamson County, Tennessee.  Our ride would take us past miles and miles of Lexington Four-Rail fencing, through Wynonna Judd’s farm, past creeks and dales and majestic buffalo silently grazing in lush green pastures —- scenes that rival most any picture book.

While straining to make it to the top of a steep hill, as is my usual custom, I was fantasying about the thrill of reaching the crest and roaring down the backside at 40 mph with the wind in my face and the hard pedaling in my rear.

I have found that thinking about the downhill reward always makes climbing a wee bit easier. When we got to the top our plans abruptly changed. Due to road work, loose gravel covered the road for the next mile or so.  There would be no downhill rush this day. Neither would we even ride down the back side.  We would have to walk it.  Riding a bicycle is unbridled fun; walking a bike down a steep, gravel covered road wearing bike shoes is not.

Fortunately, the weeping and gnashing of teeth were short lived and we soon found ourselves back on our bikes laughing and having a good time again. As I learned early on, bicycle riding pretty much mirrors life. Loose gravel happens. It only screws up the ride if we let it.

Something to think about

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