More OJ

A few years back Hudson, our grandson, was over for breakfast and he was drinking orange juice out of one of those Sippy Cups.  After drinking just a little he said, “More orange juice”.  Cathy explained to him that his cup was still full and that he would first have to finish what he already had.

Immediately, he turned the cup up and chugged it like a pledge during rush week.  Guzzling OJ from a Sippy Cup takes quite a bit of effort. Those flow holes are really small you know! With a great sucking noise and without pausing to breathe or to take time to enjoy what he already had in his hands, Hudson determinedly sucked his cup dry.  Before the last trickle of juice cleared his throat, he again said “More orange juice”. More, more, more —- the mantra of humanity from the cradle to the grave. Surely it is preloaded into our genes.

We all want a bit more don’t we? Perhaps most of the time, like Hudson, we don’t need more.  Our cup is full, yet we still crave more. So we embark on an endless journey to the Land of More, clinging to the illusion that if we can get just a little more we will surely be satisfied. Sadly, as we relentlessly reach out for more, the result is often considerably less —- less in our relationships, less in our quality of life and less in God’s plan and purpose for each of us. All too often our memories will recall times along our journeys of life when we chugged the Sippy Cup of more with great gusto, but what we actually ended up with was a great deal less.

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