Unless you have been in a coma for the last few days, then you know who Richard Sherman is and what he had to say about Michael Crabtree, during an ESPN interview following Sunday’s Niners and Seahawks Division Championship Game.  Within seconds after the interview, he became the number one trending on Twitter.  Immediately, he was referred to as a “thug” by millions on social media. I was one of them. My bad; I made an error in judgment based on a 27 second interview conducted in the midst of the media hype following the most important game he has ever played. Sherman is not a thug in any way, shape or form. I looked up the meaning of the term and it means a “violent criminal”. I also researched Richard Sherman. He is a Stanford graduate, an incredible football player, an articulate and generous figure in his community, and certainly not a thug.

There is another thing he is not. He is not cool. He did offer a qualified mea culpa for his postgame rant the following day; however, he later lashed out at his detractors by calling them racists. He said that calling a black man a “thug” is a socially acceptable way to convey the intent of the “N word” without actually using it.  My first recollection of the term “thug” was from gangster movies I saw at the Paramount Theater on Church Street back in the fifties. As I recall they were all white.  It has nothing to do with skin color or dreadlocks. I consider George Zimmerman a thug.  I remember calling Arron Hernandez a thug when he was charged with killing his friend.  I referred to all the accused rapists in the Vanderbilt rape case as thugs. There was a white kid, named David, in my high school who stole my favorite cowboy hat.  I called him a thug fifty years ago.  Sherman was wrong to call me a racist. I was wrong to call him a thug. Actually I think he is closer to being a spoiled brat.

Something to Think About

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