You Can’t Say That About Me

Tuesday night I was honored to take part in the celebration of life service for my grandnephew, Zach, who died in his sleep of a seizure only five days short of his sixteenth birthday. The nightly news delivers all too regularly stories of what is wrong with young folks. Zach’s service, as painful as it was, showcased what is right about them. The chapel at Long Hollow Baptist Church was packed with Zach’s friends from Station Camp High School. Many of them took the platform to share their feelings about Zach. They spoke with incredible grace, poise and maturity about their fallen friend. One after one, they talked about the impact Zach had made on their lives and how he would be forever missed. It was quite incredible to see and feel.

Even in the deepest chasm of pain a family could possibly fall, those young friends brought light, hope and gratitude. As they shared their stories, it occurred to me that what each of them was telling us through their “Zach Stories” was quite opposite from what culture tries to tell us.  The sum total of a person’s life is not in years lived, money made, territory conquered or points scored. No not at all! It is about choices made and the impact we had on others. To me the most poignant takeaway from the evening, was when a young lady, whom had known Zach for several years, said that in all her time around Zach that she had never heard him speak badly about anybody, ever. You can’t say that about me. What about you?  Please pray for Zach’s family and friends.

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