High “F”

Over breakfast a friend and I were talking about a certain individual whom I am somewhat ambivalent.  Suddenly my friend said he “despised” the person.  He said it with such vigor and anger that I was shocked, surprised and a bit taken aback. I equate “despise” to the word hate. I cannot think of anyone whom I feel that way about. However, shortly before my self righteousness took over my being, God brought to mind someone I did despise for many years of my life. Any way we try to spin it “despise” is always the antithesis of the Jesus’ command to love.

Perhaps this has happened to you: You mention to some friends that you have forgiven and are now praying for somebody who hurt you and someone in the conversation says, “I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to do that”. That is code for I refuse to forgive or pray for them regardless of what God wants me to do.

It is only when we finally cut off the remaining tentacles of our self will and replace them with a complete commitment to the Christ of Christmas will we finally be on the long and winding road to Jesus truly becoming the Lord of our lives. Anything short of that gets us a grade of “F”. Oh, perhaps it is a high “F” but it is still failing.

Something to think about

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