Caring to Check

While driving down West End Avenue, I noticed a runner who had stopped for traffic at an intersection; he immediately looked down at his watch. My mind flashed back to a time when I was hooked on running and how I compulsively kept track of my pace. During a jog there is no telling how often I would glance down at my watch to see how I was doing. Each outing was always a one-man competition between John.  I have a theory about folks who check their times as they run.  As a rule, they are usually doing pretty well.

A few years back I stopped opening my retirement account statements because the news was too bad to bear. Not so today;now days I open them on the way from the mailbox.

I find that I weigh myself  more  when I feel good about my weight than when I know I’m packing ‘em on.

People in 12 Step Programs who don’t attend meetings have a high rate of relapse.

My point is that, from one end of life to the other, when we stop caring to check how we are doing, usually we are not doing very well.

Something to think about

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