Thank You

Sunday I got the following note: “John, thank you for  your part in bringing me back to God, and your friendship”. Short and sweet, but full of meaning and value. This note has special meaning because of whom wrote it. He is one of my heroes. Without him I could well be asking, “Would you like cheese on that burger?” instead of “let us pray”.    In my line of work I get lots of ”attaboys” —- a perk of being a pastor.  Lots of folks are not as fortunate; as was implicitly pointed out to me by “Sandy”.

A while back the video screens went down in the midst of our Sunday service; The following day I called the manufacture of our projectors. After holding for 42 minutes a tech rep said “Hello, I amSandy, how may I help you?” With rising blood pressure I immediately profiled, thinking to myself, you’re not Sandy, you are in India. “Sandy” isn’t even close to an Indian name, and for sure no Sandy sounds like you.

Immediately I concluded this is going to be another of those long and frustrating, pull your hair out conversations between two people who both have heavy accents and at least one of us is already in over my head. Actually, that is an understatement.  I’m not sure I know how to turn the projectors on; somebody else does that.  Anyway since I had no choice I decided to make the best of the situation. What else could I do?

As best as I could, I explained exactly what had happened; then “Sandy” asked me a few questions. To my surprise I was able to answer them. Then she said, “Mr. John I think your problem was caused by a power fluctuation, but may I put you on hold for two minutes to check my references?”  In no time she came back and said that a power fluctuation would be the only thing that would have caused the problem that I described. In less than five minutes she was able to give me an answer that I could understand and believe.  I replied, “Thanks Sandy, you did a great job”. Her immediate response was, “Oh, you made my day.  I do not  hear that very often. I’m glad that you talked to me. Thank you for being so kind”. Her reaction to my seven word “thank you” seemed way out of proportion.

How wrong I had been about Sandy. After we said our good-byes I couldn’t help but think about how excited and grateful she was when I complimented her. One of the basic needs of everyday people, whether in Nashville or Bombay, is to be accepted and affirmed.  Unfortunately, that need goes unmet more often than not.

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