Monkeys and Lies

In February of 2009 I wrote the following: Unless you have been away on a safari for the last few weeks you are aware that baseball great Alex Rodriguez, three-time American League MVP and baseball’s highest paid player, became the latest sports hero to come clean by admitting that he had lied about illegal drug use.

A-Rod finally acknowledged what he had consistently denied — that he had in fact taken steroids for a three year period starting in 2003.  Call me crazy, but last week as I watched him emotionally and painfully struggle to answer questions from a throng of reporters, I kind of felt sorry for the guy.  During an earlier ESPN interview he said something to the effect that it was good to finally have the ‘monkey’ off his back. 

Like so many others, for whatever reason, A-Rod willingly gave the monkey “back space” when he chose to live a lie. Folks do that for a multitude of reasons; none good. 

There are five truths about lies and monkeys: 

1…One lie always leads to another. 

2…Liars need really good memories.

3…Sooner or later the truth always comes out.

4…Monkeys tend to be very messy. 

5…It is never too late to clean up.

More often than not people seem to be pretty forgiving when liars come clean; God always is.”

In light of the news this week about A-Rod I will add one more:

6…A Narcissistic liar can look you in the eyes when he’s lying without a tinge of guilt.

Something to think about

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