Waiting and Waiting

Right now I’m waiting for a deep scan to conclude on my computer. Since I can still use the PC, albeit much slower, it is not that big of a deal. Nobody likes to wait. We don’t like to wait for anything — stoplights, checkout lines, planes, the waiter, our spouses, the doctor or a plethora of other people, places and things. One of the benefits of getting old is that I have noticed that my patience seems to be increasing with my age. Why is it so hard for us to wait?  I’m not sure about all the psychological whys, but I expect it has much  to do with our need to be in control. Even the most hell bent control freak is at the mercy of the great equalizer —the wait. Implicitly at least, we realize that we’re going to have to wait to be seated at the really good restaurants and even for our order to arrive at the bad ones. Today my most annoying wait is for voice mail to cycle through on every business call I make. As annoying as the aforementioned waiting times can be, we do go into those situations with our eyes open.

Earlier today I met with a man who was called for his second interview for a job. That was over a week ago; he has heard nothing. He said that the wait was killing him. Many years ago I recall going through a similar ordeal. Waiting can often produce a lot of interesting questions with few answers. Years ago I heard a preacher say that God is never early or late and that His timing is precise and never off even a smidgen. I believe that to be true. God is rich in mercy.  He is not an absented-minded kind of God.  He always has a specific reason for telling us to wait.  When we find ourselves waiting on God our sole responsibility is to trust — just to trust God.  That’s it, nothing else–trust.

What I’ve discovered is that God always gives clear direction. However, in my life He’s never been in a hurry. Here’s the take away. The longer God takes to give direction, the more He has to teach us.

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