Three Fish Stories

1…This 1,323-pound shark was caught off California’s Huntington Beach this week after a battle which took more than two-and-a-half hours.

2…Several years back my son and I, along with a friend caught a 54 pound catfish on a trotline in the Buffalo River near Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

3…A while back a luxury sports car pulled in front of me causing me to have to swerve. Like so many of us, the guy was on a cell phone. I doubt if he ever saw me. His license plate read “Big Fish.” I had to laugh. Many of us might think that we are big fish or wish we were, but not quite narcissistic enough to put “Big Fish” on our license plate.

I expect that if we are honest, in our heart of hearts, most all of us at times have longed to be a big fish.  God instilled in humans the need for acceptance and for significance. The truth is, who really wants to be a minnow?  Yet, most of us don’t actually wear the Big Fish sign.  We are more subtle.

When I was in my twenties, single, living in Atlanta and on the hunt, I bought a cubic zirconium pinky ring. It looked great. Just like the real deal but actually it was nothing more than a Big Fish sign.  After a few days of incessantly admiring my new, sparkling pinky, it occurred to me that there was a distinct disconnect between my “diamond ring” and my lemon yellow Pinto.  I elected to take the ring back and keep the Pinto.  But I assure you that I’ve had other big fish moments since. What I have come to understand, albeit late in life, is that once I accepted myself, I no longer had a desire to wear Big Fish signs.

Something to think about

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