Time to Wonder

A while ago I was having breakfast in the dining room of the retreat house at the Abbey of Gethsemani near Bardstown, Ky. You learn a lot about people whenever you eat with them for five days, especially when you are eating in total silence.  When nobody speaks you have time to notice people. You can study them. You have time to wonder. What is going on in their lives? Who are these people? Where are they from and where are they going? Are they hurting? Are they happy? Are they lonely? Are they grieving? Are they ill? Why are they here? What is going on in their worlds? Why does she look so sad? Why does he wear that same shirt every day? Why does he eat so slowly? Why aren’t any younger people here?  Will this place run out of monks as this generation dies off? I don’t think normal people come here.  I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

I’m now in the library and there is a guy across the way; I have concluded that is a priest. When I signed in I noticed that there are two “Fathers” here. I think he is one of them. He looks like a priest in incognito.  He wears no rings.  His light cream colored pants look brand new and are a little too long.  They are like pants I would suppose a priest would wear when he is not  in black. His shoes are black leather, priest-like shoes. They don’t go with his pants. He walks like a priest.  He looks like a priest. If he was allowed to talk I could tell for sure.  Priests talk like priests.

I see a guy who is wearing a huge cross on a big gold chain that hangs way down and lays on his stomach when he sits. He is not a priest. I know because he is wearing a diamond pinky ring. I always wear in small wooden cross but nobody can see it. Wonder if the big cross guy wears it in the real world? Honestly, it looks a bit over the top to me.

I am sure everybody else is wondering about me too.  Over the years, I have thought a lot about why I like coming here.  I think one of the reasons is I have time to wonder about people and things big and small. I believe that God designed us to wonder.  I love this place. I wonder why more people do not come here so that they can have time to wonder too.

Something to think about

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