A while back a man died in a tragic accident. His death was well publicized and many people who knew him came forward to tell of how he had enriched their lives. I did not know him well, but I had been around him enough to come to the conclusion that he was the real deal. He was not a fake or put on, but rather a man with an unabashed love for Jesus Christ. He would tell anyone who would listen about Jesus in a style that was uniquely his. God gave him that gift! Yet, like the rest of us, he was far from perfect. He realized that Paul’s words in Romans 3 about all of mankind being together in the “sin boat” certainly included him. Unlike some, he never claimed otherwise. Sadly, there are twenty-first century Pharisees, blind to the log in their own eyes, who have arrogantly decided to pass judgment on this man’s very soul. In direct contrast to the Savior whom they claim as Lord, but obviously do not actually follow, they proudly cast the first stones. How shameful! One day in senior religion class at Father Ryan High School, the subject was who gets into heaven and who does not. After nearly fifty minutes of discussion, Father Alan Cunningham left us with this thought. “When we get to heaven we are going to be surprised at whom else is there and who isn’t”. Jesus referred to the Pharisees of his day as the worse kind of hypocrites. Some things never change.

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