Our False Claim

This morning at the “Y” a man asked me what is the most difficult part of being a pastor. I think getting people to fully trust God by moving from selfish to selflessness is the greatest challenge. My experience is that it is relatively easy to get seekers to accept Jesus’ incredible offer of mercy, grace and forgiveness. That means to accept Jesus as their Savior. But getting them to accept Him as the driving force of life (Lord), while not impossible, it is extremely difficult. We are all selfish. We all want to be in control. I do and so do you. We want to write the rules for life. I do and so do you. We want to love whom we want to love and hate whom we want to hate. I do and so do you. We want to choose the people we will forgive and the hell with the rest. Most all of us need someone or some group to look down upon. We want to do what we want when we want. With few exceptions we are this way. Oh, how we do want to be in charge!

The night before Jesus was murdered He modeled for us what should be the mantra of every Christ follower when he said, “My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet, I want your will to be done, not mine.” (Matthew 26:39 NLT)

Earlier he had summed up, in two succinct bullet points, exactly what God expects from us.

● Love God with our whole heart.

● Love everybody.

That is Jesus’ action plan for life. My guess is that nobody reading this is actually doing either. Think what would happen to us and everybody else if we did. We would be like Jesus — the Man most of us are falsely claiming to follow.

Something to Think About

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