Embrace It

As I talk to more and more people, it seems to me, that many of us have developed varying degrees of confusion over our self perception.  The self–portrait we paint  of our self is mostly based on how we think the important people in our life see us. They may not have actually seen us that way at all but we think they did.  For those of us who grew up in dysfunctional families, some of the baggage that we carry has put deep and wide wounds on the heart of our self image.

Maybe we were told we were not good enough, that we were stupid, that we were ugly or unlovable.  Maybe you were made to feel guilt and shame as a child. Perhaps you were taught that you had to be perfect in everything you did – nothing less was acceptable.  Today for reasons unknown to your conscious mind you feel one down from most everybody you know.

I venture to say that even if we grew up in the near perfect All – American family,  we still fall far short of seeing ourselves as God sees us. When we began to understand how God sees us and when we accept the fact that He loves us with an unconditional love and that Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross for each of us, that is the point when we start to sense the immense value He has placed on us.  Then we can begin the process to overcome the negative self-perception that many of us secretly carry around in our hearts.

In Psalm 8 King David was blown away when he realized the high value God had put on mankind and on him personally. “For you made us only a little lower than God, and you crowned us with glory and honor.”

Think through the implications of those words on your worth as a person. God wants every man, woman and child on the planet to have a healthy self perception anchored in His love, mercy and grace.  He longs for us to realize the high value He puts on us and for us to see ourselves thorough the filter of His love. Think of it this way.  If Jesus thought enough of you that He would take those three rusty nails for you, what does that say about your worth? Embrace his love!

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