Eating Garbage

For several weeks now I have been eating out of the garbage. Let me explain. Will, one of our church house band members, comes in every Sunday with a six- pack of those powered sugar covered mini-donuts. Some time back I noticed that he had discarded the last two (still in the package) in a waste basket we keep back stage. I didn’t think anymore about it. The next week I again saw another two mini donuts in the trash. This time I made sure nobody was looking then I reached in and picked them up. They looked fine so I ate them. Next week same deal — two donuts in the trash became two donuts in my mouth. I’m a slow learner but I finally got it. Will only eats four of the six donuts! So now each Sunday I look forward to “my” two.

Will and I are different. I’ve hardly ever known when to say when. We can’t keep sweets in our house because I will keep eating until they are gone. As far as I can recall, I’ve never in my life thrown a donut away. I can’t have just a piece of pie! We only buy ice cream in the little round containers. Yet, when I eat those two donuts out of the trash, they satisfy me. Two are enough. I wish I were more like Will. I also wish Will liked just three of the mini-donuts instead of four! There is one more thing I’ve noticed about Will. He doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him.

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