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Sweet Jodi

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Unless you have been living in a storm shelter, you probably know that Jodi Arias is on trial for first degree murder in Arizona. In the sensational trial, which is being covered gavel to gavel on cable, she admits to killing her ex boyfriend in 2008, but said it was not her fault. Yet, according to the prosecution, she planned it out in minute detail, drove across two states, hopped in bed with him one last time, then stabbed him 29 times before slitting his throat from ear to ear and for good measure shot him in the head. In the trial she is meek and mild dressed like an old maid Sunday School teacher. Said she loved him and that she was simply defending herself. I’m betting the jury will see otherwise.  How do you explain doing that to someone you love?

What is behind all the wicked stuff that we see in the news?  Of course none of us would ever do anything like that. But tell me why we do things that turn our backs on God?  Why do we choose to hate instead of love? Why do we betray our spouses with affairs that wound our children forever?  Why do we berate people? Why do we lie, cheat, steal, envy and do a thousand other things that we know are contrary to God’s Law?  Why do we simply choose to ignore God whenever He becomes an inconvenience? Why? Because we want what we want; that is the reason why.

Something to think about